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By Dr. Ruth  /   On January 1, 2013  

CRG operative Dave Conyers of Denver Colorado has defected to the KGB squad!

Conyers competed in the Superkarts USA Pro Moto Series and the Rocky Mountain Region in 2012 aboard a CRG Road Rebel with IRS-125 Honda’s tuned by Dan Ruth aka Dr. Ruth. Conyers became an important part of the newly formed Ruthless Karting Team along with Rookie Jim McKinney vying for the coveted Pro Moto Championships. Conyers and McKinney would compete under the watchful eyes of Team Principle Ryan Ruth whom would himself resurface as a KGB operative during the summer months while playing a Double Agent role working for both sides. After months of clandestine operations Ruth would announce that McKinney would defect in October just prior to the SuperNationals and Conyers would continue throughout 2012 with his proven CRG mount. The SuperNats would bring McKinney the 2012 S5 Pro Moto Championship aboard his New KGB Pacemaker 125 while Conyers would fail to make the Super Sunday Final in S4 due to unavoidable contact in the heats.

After a disappointing end to the 2012 season Conyers would test the KGB Pacemaker 125 back to back against his CRG Road Rebel and find the brakes to be better and the forward bite to be off the charts! During the test at KGB’s Test track in the Arizona desert Conyers spent a day and a half fine tuning his 2012 mount and would jump into the KGB with identical IRS power and better is best time of two days in just 6 laps on the tricky surface. He knew then it was time to Defect!

Conyers will again join forces with the Ruthless Karting team and begin 2013 testing in Arizona and competing in the SKUSA Pro Kart Challenge and the Pro Moto Series in S4 carrying the number 33 plate aboard a New 2013 KGB Pacemaker 125. His Mission in 2013 “ WIN

Welcome aboard “KGB agent 033”